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·Nov 19, 2020·

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Hello everyone!

This task was given by MICHAEL GREILER at Hashnode Bootcamp ll, where she discussed “How engineers can blog “successfully” and grows their readership?” keep reading, in the light of this; I will like to talk a little bit about my journey in writing. To let You know, I discover writing skill as path to follow when I was in high school and at this time, they was these frequent urge in me to author a book, and I tried my very best to achieved this aim, but I couldn’t due to lack of motivation and good mentorship. And, as I progress in life I came across a friend on facebook who advised me and introduce a platform called “blogger” which I used to post some good stuff on personal development , you can check it out dreamwisedomain.blogspot.com , before we dive deep on the above subject , it is important to remind ourselves of what “blogging” means!

I will put like this:

What is blogging?

“I will say it is an online journal that one can used to document his learning progress, and also a medium used by professional to teach others about what the know on a particular subject in a field such as software engineering, cloud computing and artificial intelligence etc.”

So, having known this, in this article we are going to look at the “The key factors that lead to successful blogging in general. “ I will advise us to paid maximum attention to this session, because it’s very important we know them.

Below are the key factors that lead to “Successful” blogging to me:

    - Post schedule
    - Understanding your target audience
    - Creating room for promotion
    - Consistency is key rather than frequency

Now, let discuss the factors in more details, starting from the first to the least.

POST SCHEDULE: In order, to become a successful blogger you must have a blueprint that guide you both in writing and in posting your articles; in this case you have to choose a suitable time for yourself, which you will like to write and publish your work. And this can be either weekly or five times in a month, with this in mind you be able to create good contents to your audience.

UNDERSTANDING YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE: This gives you the chance, to write contents that suit your audience, and also is an avenue of figuring out where your audience is, and what content they would like to read at any point in time. That is to say you study them and know what problem they might stumble upon, and then create your content in line with their current challenge.

CREATING ROOM FOR PROMOTION: Once your content is set, one of thing that will help you reach out to your expected audience is through promotion; and this can be achieve just by sharing your article to others platform you think your expected audience can be easily located. And moreover, your content should be SEO sanitize, and with this your audience will be able to find it on google search engine also.

CONSISTENCY IS KEY RATHER THAN FREQUENCY: Remember what we discuss on post schedule, having a plan is very essential thing to put in play, because this is what your audience will know you of and always keep in touch with that; for instance if you always post your content at the end of every week, please it is important you maintain this, because your audience will always expect to read your content by weekend. And to add, the advantage of consistency over frequency is that, been consistence with your schedule will give you more time to create quality content rather than quantity.

In conclusion, in the light of the above factors, I have put in place of what “Successful” blogging means to me.

Thanks for reading my article, I will be happy to see your comment at the comments box.

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